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Frankie duh!
United States
  • Listening to: My Chemical Romance-Bulletproof Heart
  • Reading: mcr info
  • Watching: spongebob 8D
  • Playing: cell
  • Eating: fudgesicle
  • Drinking: coca cola
I made this account because I love Frankie and think he should have a rape face icon!! I, :iconstayria:, hope you all will spred Frank around and use him-I mean this icon for your plesure~~haha but DO NOT USE THIS ICON AS THE ICON FOR ANOTHER ACCOUNT UNLESS YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION!! I MADE IT FOR A REASON!!!ಠ_ಠ
kay thanks have a fabulous day! Enjoy the following interesting things on Frank Iero (courtesy this factual website that you should seriously check out!-->… )

Name: Frank AKA Frankie

Middle Name: Anthony

Last Name: Iero

Birthdate: October 31st, 1981

Home town: Belleville, New Jersey

Sign: Scorpio

Eyes: Hazel

Age: 29

Heigth: 5'4"-5'6"

Marital Status: In a SERIOUS relationship

Band Role: 2nd Guitar

Past Band: Pencey Prep

Bands Before Pencey Prep: Hybrid and Sector 12

Band Played Briefly In: I Am A Graveyard

Fav. Pop: Coca Cola or mounatin dew (he cant decide)

Fav. Bands: Black Flag, The Bouncing Souls, American Nightmare and Beasite Boys

He is also a smoker

He is extrmemley short.

Frankie LOVES his moms cooking/italian food.  loves eggpant parmesean especially!

He has a fetishe with kissing Gerard.

He was very much influenced by his father.

He loves books and the Harry Potter series.

He supposivley is full of himself.

His favorite colr is mauve! (thanks to the super bodacious member palecow)

Frankie used to be in the band Pencey Prep

Frankie has three dogs.

Frankie was very sick as a child.

Frankie went to Rutgers University.
Frank new thing is to tattoo poetry he has written on himself.

Frank has so many tattoos, he doesn't have a favorite

Frank learned how to tie a tie at catholic school

Frank started playing in bands when he was 11

Frank suffered from ear infections

Frankie once had Bronchitus.

Frankies mothers name is Linda.

Frank suffered from Epstein Barr Syndrome

Frank's first tattoo was a jack-o-latern that he got on his 18th birthday


"ARRRRGH!! The romance got tested fer the scurvey they did, and got drunk off Cap'n Morgan.....arrrgh"

"I can't imagine any other bands having better kids than ours, and if they do at least I know our kids can beat up their kids."

We Love YOU Frankie!~<333:iconfrankierohappyplz:


                                            Ŧค๒ยl๏ยร кเllן๏ץ stayria


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This is funny.
I mean, people don't know how to NOT use it for Frerard. But, funny.
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:iconfrankierorapefaceplz::iconsaysplz:Ohhh Geerrraaaarrrrd?
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